Councillors: Mr S Booth (Chairman), Mr J Greenwood (Vice Chair), Mr I Collinson, Mrs H Helme, Mr M Helm,

Mr M O’Riordan

Others:        Mr G Catterson (Clerk to the Council), 12 members of the public.


106/14            APOLOGIES – Mark Blundell


107/14       DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST – Cllrs Booth, Helm and Helme declared an interest in any item regarding the Village Hall.  Cllrs Greenwood and O’Riordan declared an interest in Item 6.1.7 and Cllr Helm declared an interest in Item 6.16



                  RESOLVED:            That the minutes (previously circulated) of the Ordinary Parish Council meeting held on the 10 November 2014 be approved and signed by the Chairman as a true and accurate record.



1.     A letter from Mrs J Murphy re concerns about the Stoney Lane/Launds Field development was read to the meeting. Her concerns were about the site exacerbating existing traffic problems in Galgate and that school and doctor’s surgery provision would be inadequate. A member of the public also reported that the developer, Persimmon Homes were not designing the site to “Secured by Design” principles for designing out crime, and that the police had concerns about the site. Councillors informed the meeting that the traffic issue was in the hands of County Highways and it was possible that a mini-roundabout would be provided at the entrance/exit to the site on the A6. A transport master plan was due for publication early 2015.

2.     Mrs A Neil raised the issue of development in Dolphinholme and expressed concerns about how residents could be better informed and involved. The Council reported that no planning application for large scale development in Dolphinholme had been received to date. However the City Council had already consulted on an overall plan and any developments put forward that were aligned with this plan would be viewed more favourably than those that were not. Mrs Neil specifically requested that sheltered accommodation be considered favourably as this could release homes for younger people. The Council reported that some members were scheduled to meet ith representatives of the Duchy of Lancaster, A major land owner in the area, with a view to putting forward small pockets of land for development rather than one large site.  In addition they would be seeing to promote the idea of constructing affordable housing such as that developed by the Duchy at Dunsop Bridge. Mrs Neil was advised to obtain a copy of the CPRE (Campaign to Protect Rural England) guide to planning or visit their website for more information.

3.     Mr B Rawlinson asked for support for the siting of a memorial tree seat at the end of the village green at Condor Green. The Parish Council agreed to fully support this and Cllr Helme agreed to find out where the issue was in the Planning Department.


110/14 POLICE – The report was noted without comment.



a.    Applications to consider

      i.        14/00989/CU - Galgate Mill, Chapel Lane - Change of use, conversion and alterations of retail showroom – Mr Ayub Hussain. Mr Hussain was in attendance at the meeting and apologised for not being able to attend the previous meeting of the Council at which the application was discussed and at which objections were recorded. Mr Hussain wished to answer concerns in person. He apologised to those residents who complained that the final plans were not those on which his researcher (who had exceeded his remit) had initially consulted. With respect to traffic he felt the development of the Mill needed a proposition that would minimise traffic impact and as only 17% of students use cars (official University figures) the proposal seemed the best way forward to preserve the Mill whilst providing a return on investment. A green travel planned had been put forward with the provision of bikes for students using the facility. No members of the public could suggest an alternative that would preserve the Mill (the first mechanical pinning mill in the world which was continuing to deteriorate), whilst not causing any greater worsening of traffic conditions in Galgate. The Council appreciated that there was a need to preserve Galgate Mill as an historic building and that the proposed development was the best solution provided to date to achieve this. The additional traffic generated in the form of cars was preferable to the HGVs that would service the Mill should it remain designated for retail and storage use. No further conclusion was reached.

     ii.        14/01170/FUL  - Erection of a single storey rear extension - Mr Andrew Radcliffe, The Willows, Starbank, Bay Horse, Lancaster, Lancashire LA2 9AA. 

RESOLVED:      That the Council indicate they had no objection to this application.

    iii.        14/01187/FUL - Erection of a single storey rear extension - Mrs S Henderson, Hazeldene, Stoney Lane, Galgate, Lancaster, Lancashire LA2 0JZ

RESOLVED:      That the Council indicate they had no objection to this application.

    iv.        14/01179/FUL - Conversion of existing outbuilding to form living accommodation and erection of a single storey side extension - Mrs Sue Armitage, Greaves Cottage, Conder Green Road, Galgate, Lancaster, Lancashire LA2 0NS

RESOLVED:      That the Council indicate they had no objection to this application.

     v.        14/01105/REM - Reserved Matters application for 50 dwellings and the associated infrastructure and landscaping - Mr Chris Gowlett,  Laund Fields, Stoney Lane, Galgate, Lancaster, Lancashire LA2 0JZ. Discussed in minute 109/14.1 above.

RESOLVED:      That the Council indicate their objection to this application on the basis that:

1. It will exacerbate traffic problems in Galgate
2. There is insuficient school and doctor surgery provision available for the increase in residents
3. The developer
has not designed the site to "Secured by Design" guidelines.

    vi.        14/01119/FUL - Erection of one 2-bed house with associated alterations to existing access - Mr E Bradshaw, Land Near 9 Leach House Lane, Galgate, Lancaster, Lancashire, LA2 0RT.  The Council were informed that the footpath will be diverted and made into a cycleway.

RESOLVED:      That the Council indicate they had no objection to this application.

   vii.        14/01270/CU - Change of use of land for agricultural contracting business, retention of outbuilding and erection of an extension to existing agricultural building - Mr James Gardner, Chipping Road Barn, Chipping Lane, Bay Horse, Lancaster, Lancashire LA2 9AQ

RESOLVED:     That the Council note the change of use and indicate they had no objection to this application.

  viii.        14/01258/FUL  - Demolition of garage and utility room, erection of a replacement 2-bed dwelling house and repositioning of existing access point - Mr & Mrs Prest, 9 Pennine View, Dolphinholme, Lancaster, Lancashire, LA2 9AW

RESOLVED:      That the Council indicate they had no objection to this application.

    ix.        14/01286/FUL - Erection of a two storey side extension to form a granny annexe - Mr & Mrs Armer - Stonehaven Bay Horse Lane Bay Horse Lancaster Lancashire LA2 0HR

RESOLVED:      That the Council indicate they had no objection to this application.


b.    Other

i)      Minerals and Waste Local Plan Review and Statement of Community Involvement Consultations – this document was noted.

ii)     Lancashire Public Rights of Way Improvement Plan Review – this document was noted.



a.      Lancaster City Council – Village Hall, Submission of Details Reserved By Planning Condition – noted.

b.      CPRE Lancashire: Upcoming Events – noted.

c.       Lancaster Beekeepers – Pollinator Patches in the Parish; Response to Government’s Pollinator Strategy - noted

d.      ENV Parish Councils - December 2014 Bus Services Changes Leaflet - noted

e.      Consumer Alerts - noted

f.       LALC Agenda and Minutes – noted.


113/14 FINANCE

a.      To consider and authorise payment of the following accounts:-

The Clerk explained there was difficulty transferring the PAYE software and accounts from the previous Clerk and asked that the Chair and Cllr Helme be delegated authority to approve the salaries and PAYE payments for November as soon as this problem was rectified.

Lune Fire Protection Ltd – Extinguisher Maintenance Contract - £151.20  (retrospective agreement)

K A Coleman – Expenses Oct - £27.56

Print Room – Rhubarb News - £157.00

J France – Mowing & strimming park - £84

J France – Erect new fence - £360

M O’Riordan – Reimburse for bulbs in Dolphinholme - £72.00

Eon Recreation Rooms - £65.89 (DD)

Eon VH - £185.12 (DD)

United Utilities – 57.25 (DD)

British Gas – £16.76 (DD)

RESOLVED:          That the Council agree payment of all the above accounts and delegate authority to Chair and Cllr Helme to approve the salaries and PAYE payments for November.


b.     To acknowledge receipt of following income: - Village Hall £474.94

c.     Sign bank statements – taken forward to the January meeting.

d.     National Salary Award – The Council noted the new salary award for Clerks that would be applied from the 1st Jan 2015



a.      Parking congestion Salford Road - The Council noted the email from Lancashire Highways stating that owing to current levels of demand for their services a preliminary local consultation would not take place until 2015

b.      Speed restrictions Stoney Lane, Galgate, Hazelrigg Lane, Langshaw Lane Ellel – noted.

c.       Road Closure Bay Horse Lane Ellel - (5 Jan 2015 - 16 Jan 2015) – noted.



RESOLVED:            That Michael Helm be the EPC Representative on the Ellel Village Hall Trust


116/14 PUBLIC RIGHTS OF WAY REPORTS FOR CONSIDERATION -  Report numbers 71681, 71685 and 71689 were considered but the Council declined to do the work.

RESOLVED:            That the Council did not wish to carry out any of the works offered to them by Lancashire CC Environment Directorate.


117/14 LENGTHSMAN– The Council received a report of work undertaken during November and identified future work was identified as tidying around the Dolphinholme village signs.


118/14 ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES – GM PLAYGROUND REPORTS FOR GALGATE AND DOLPHINHOLME – The Council noted the reports and they were passed to Cllr O’Riordan to organise remedial work.


119/14 NETTING BARRIER FOR ALLOTMENTS – No costings were available for this work and it was a matter for the Football Club and not the Parish Council.


120/14 LANCASTER UNIVERSITY WIND TURBINE COMMUNITY BENEFIT FUND – the Council were reminded that the closing date for applications was the 24 December 2014


121/14 NEIGHBOURHOOD PLANNING – The Parish Council agreed that Neighbourhood Planning would not be pursued.


122/14 REPORT ON 3 TIER FORUM – noted


123/14 SPORT ENGLAND BID – REQUEST FOR FURTHER INFORMATION -  The Clerk reported that he had been requested to supply further information for the bid and that he had been informed  a decision date had been postponed to April 2015




The meeting closed at 21.20hrs









rman     Dated ……………………………………….