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Adopted: 14/01/2013


The Parish Council does not have a statutory duty to prepare for and deal with snow and ice (except around their own property) and although we do not have the resources to make a commitment to provide a snow clearing service the Parish Council will endeavour to assist where practicable. This plan has been created to clarify what can be expected from the Parish Council.


People have been hesitant to clear snow because of fears of litigation if someone should slip on the treated area. The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and the Occupiers’ Liability Act 1984 place responsibility on the employer to maintain access to premises in a safe condition. Although an employer can be held liable for ‘failing to act reasonably’ to prevent accidents pedestrians also have a responsibility to take care.


outside the Spar Shop, Main Road, Galgate (contact 1)

outside medical centre, Highland Brow, Galgate (contact 2)

outside Methodist Church, Chapel Lane, Galgate (contact 2)

outside St Mark’s Church, Dolphinholme (contact 3)

Keys for the grit bins are held by:

(Contact 1) Spar Shop, Main Road, Galgate

(Contact 2) Mr S Booth, 9 Ash Avenue, Galgate – Tel: 01524 752212

(Contact 3) Mr Adams, Chapel Gardens, Dolphinholme or Mr M O’Riordan 12 Corless Cottages, Dolphinholme Tel: 01524 791742

All the grit bins are replenished by Lancashire County Council.

Please note that the grit in the bins is a community resource and is only to be used for clearing public footpaths, pavements and roads to ensure that everyone, especially the most vulnerable, are able to get out and about. This grit is not for use on private footpaths and drives or to be sold on.

The point of these bins is to help keep footpaths and pavements free from ice and snow this winter. Winter is a difficult time for those in our community who have difficulty getting around, so if you can help with clearing a length of footpath it would be appreciated by everyone.

More information on the gritting routes for our area and weather reports can be found on the Lancaster City Council website at the address below.









Ellel Parish Council